RSR Analytical laboratories is a state licensed medical marijuana testing lab as well as a full service contract testing lab.  We comply with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) guidelines.  Our commitment is to provide quality services and accurate results in an expeditious manner by our highly qualified team.

Cannabinoid Testing

Per Nevada State regulation (NAC-453A), required testing for medical marijuana includes potency (THC & CBD), terpene, microbial screening, mycotoxin screening, heavy metal screening, pesticide residue analysis, moisture content and foreign matter inspection.  Medical marijuana is prohibited from being brought to market until it meets all state regulations.

Why RSR Analytical Laboratories?

We understand your needs.  We are here to assist you to bring your products to market on time, provide scientific insights to each stage of your business and guarantee your product quality and safety.

At RSR, we implement GLP guidelines in the analysis to ensure consistency, quality, and integrity of the test results.  We have an experienced team of scientists and chemists that have extensive knowledge in analytical chemistry.  We are willing to work with you closely to improve your product quality.  We offer flexible testing packages tailored to your needs.

State Licensed

We are a state licensed medical marijuana testing laboratory and will be certified by the state within six months.

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Testing Innovation

Our team has developed an innovative series of sample preparation methods to work with various raw materials, extracts, oils and topical applications.

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Fast & Reliable

We have a state-of-the-art laboratory facility which is equipped with the most up-to-date instruments.  Our advanced instrumentation has the capability to achieve better separation, lower detection limit and reduce the matrix effect in the extracts.

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