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Dr. David Luttrull


David Luttrull earned a Ph.D. in Physical-Organic Chemistry from Arizona State University in 1991 with a dissertation in the area of artificial photosynthesis. Dr. Luttrull was then awarded an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Center for Charge Transfer Studies at the University of Rochester.  He began his career as a Senior Chemist in 1992 at Nalco Chemical Company in Sugarland, TX, where he developed, synthesized, and tested gasoline additives in BMWs and Fords.

In 1997, he accepted a position as a Material Scientist, which quickly became an R&D Director position at Neltec, Inc., in Tempe, AZ. In 2004, he went to work for Flipchip International (parent: Rosestreet Labs) in Phoenix, where he directed a team to develop a patented biomonitor for real-time determination of human fat metabolism. In 2007, Dr. Luttrull started up his own analytical lab, MG Lab Services (Malcolm Grey, LLC). Dr. Luttrull’s activities including consumer product testing for lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd), precious metal assays for small mining companies, diagnostic chemistry for forensic engineering companies, analytical support for electronic materials manufactures and military contractors.

In 2010, Dr. Luttrull accepted a position of Sr. Director of Emerging Technologies at Isola Group. Isola Group is a large dielectric materials manufacturer based in Chandler, AZ. Isola approved Dr. Luttrull’s proposal to build a million-dollar R&D facility, which included an NMR instrument.  In early 2015, Dr. Luttrull started up a private laboratory called LP Analytical, LLC, in Phoenix.

Dr. Luttrull has authored or co-authored 22 scientific publications, including two (2) patents and ten (10) scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, including RETINA, Science, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Journal of Organic Chemistry, and Photochemistry & Photobiology, and the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK).

Haifei Yin


Haifei received her M.S. in Environmental Marine Science from Stony Brook University and her B.S in Chemistry from East China Normal University.  She has over fifteen years analytical chemistry work experience in a fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, a premier contract testing lab, dietary supplement manufacturer and the national laboratory.  Her expertise lies in not only the mastering the full range of analytical instruments and technologies, but also has accumulated knowledge in compliance with GMPs, FDA/USP and EPA regulatory guidelines.

Haifei started her career as analytical chemist for Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, where she developed knowledge in the operation and maintenance of HPLC, GC, GC/MS.  Then she attended the graduate school at Stony Brook University to further her study.  Her research interest was to investigate the distribution sources and fate of alkylphenol ethoxylate metabolites (APEOs) in Hudson River Basin.  She is also the co-author of the report of Hudson River Foundation.

After graduation, she worked at a local environmental testing lab as GC/MS chemist to analyze the volatile organic compounds in various water samples.  Three years later, she joined Actavis (now Allergan) in south Florida as Research Scientist.  While there, she developed and conducted the HPLC, GC testing method for the impurity, assay, dissolution and residual solvents on various pharmaceutical products.  In addition, she drafted and executed HPLC and GC method validation protocols, provided strong analytical support to formulators in product development and coordinated with regulatory department for ANDA submission and in response to FDA deficiency letters. Based on her previous work experience, she succeeded in implementing the quality control system in the routine lab operation.

State Licensed & Certified

We are a state licensed medical marijuana testing laboratory and will be certified by the state within six months.

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Testing Innovation

Our team has developed an innovative series of sample preparation methods to work with various raw materials, extracts, oils and topical applications.

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Fast & Reliable

We have a state-of-the-art laboratory facility which is equipped with the most up-to-date instruments.  Our advanced instrumentation has the capability to achieve better separation, lower detection limit and reduce the matrix effect in the extracts.

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